Advertisement first started back in 2017 when I was interning in one of Thailand’s leading startup e-commerce company. Being in a digital environment inspired me to create my own online space. This is where I can put all my experience, personal stories, and bits of advice online in an organized and accessible way where people from all sorts of places can enter and read.

This is not just a blog exclusively about traveling with photos that are #goals. Rather, it’s a blog that is full of first-hand experiences, real-life stories, pieces of advice I wish I was told. It’s pretty much all about the things that I have picked up along the way and thought “hmm, this is something my past-self would have loved to know more about”.

Why should you advertise here?

We are made up of mostly female readers that account for nearly 80%

We are also proud of having the majority of website traffic purely from Organic Search (nearly 90%) that is of quality and relevance is ranked on the first page of Google for many important keywords that are relevant to lifestyle and travelling

We have been growing in audience size
After a period of declined traffic due to web attacks in September 2019. The website has seen immense growth especially in the later months

Latest update of active users (July 2019)


In addition, our website has also been featured on popular lifestyle websites. This includes Line Today and Rabbit Finance for reference on travel destinations started off as a personal diary where I share my stories and experiences. Now it has turned into an online community of like-minded people. People that are passionate about the things they do and curious about the world around them


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